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Q is for Questing Beast by Deimos-Remus
Q is for Questing Beast
Name: Questing Beast, Beast Glatisant (Barking Beast)
Area of Origin: Britain, Arthurian Legends

The Questing Beast is the subject of numerous quests undertaken by such famous knights as King Arthur, King Pellinore, Sir Palamedes and Sir Percival. Out of these figures, Pellinore was the one known to have endlessly hunted the thing. The beast has the body of a leopard, the back end of a lion, the feet of a hart or deer, and lastly, the head and neck of a snake. Its name comes from the noise it emits, a barking likened to many hounds questing. The term 'Glatisant' is derived from the french word glapissant, meaning 'yelp' or 'bark'. The creature is a variant on the mythological medieval view of the Giraffe. It is revealed by the great wizard Merlin that the beast was born of a human woman, a princess who had lusted after her own brother. After sleeping with a devil with promises of her brother's love, the devil manipulated her into accusing her brother of rape. The siblings' father had the brother torn apart by dogs as punishment, but shortly before the brother's death, he prophesied that his sister would give birth to an abomination that would makes the same sounds as the dogs that were to kill him. The Questing Beast appears to King Arthur in Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur after he has an affair with his sister Morgause, though the two were unaware of their familial relation when the act occurred. The act resulted in the illegitimate birth of his son Mordred. Arthur sees the beast after waking from a disturbing dream that foretells Mordred's destruction of the realm. The Questing Beast has been solidified as a symbol of the incest, chaos and violence that ultimately destroy's Arthur's kingdom. 
P is for Penanggalan by Deimos-Remus
P is for Penanggalan
Name: Penanggalan, Hantu Penanggal
Area of Origin: Malaysia 

The Penanggalan are ghostly variations of the Vampire myth found in Southeast Asian folk mythology, and are similar to the Manananggal of Filipino folklore. The words Manananggal and Penanggal may both mean 'detach' or 'remove' due to both languages having a common root in the Austronesian language family. A Penanggal is a detached female head that is capable of flight, with its entrails and organs dangling below. Though often classified as an undead creature, it can re-attach itself to its body and live as a human being. In folklore, a Penanggal may either be a beautiful old or young woman that has obtained her beauty through use of black magic or through other supernatural means. They are usually midwives that have made pacts with the devil; a stipulation in the pact is to not eat meat for 40 days. Breaking this stipulation will afflict a curse upon the midwife, turning her into a bloodsucking vampire or demon. After the detached head returns, it will immerse its organs in a vat of vinegar in order to shrink them or easy insertion back into the body. The Penanggalan traditionally prey upon pregnant women and young children, and perch on the roofs of houses where women are in labor, screeching when the child is born. It is said that the use of the thorny leaves of the Mengkuang plant will help protect houses that are susceptible to a Penanggalan attack, as the creature's exposed organs could get damaged by their sharp exterior. However, the demoness could still come up through a house's floorboards if the area is unguarded. 
Neuromancer book flipthrough- Click youtube Link! by Deimos-Remus
Neuromancer book flipthrough- Click youtube Link!
Finally received my Neuromancer book in the mail the other day, and was able to show it to Gibson via Twitter. Going to be sending him a copy in the coming weeks, so I'm really excited that everything came together!

As for being sold, I plan on putting this up as a physical book and an ebook through Blurb soon, so stay tuned!
Nostalgia by Deimos-Remus
My very last piece done while in the CCS illustration department. Wanted to do an homage to some older pieces I did in high school, some of which I had used to get into CCS in the first place if I recall correctly. I had done (and still do) pieces of characters with objects for heads, and playing off of my interest in the 70s and 80s, I came up with this. Kudos for those that get any of the references! (besides the obvious ones of course)
O is for Otoroshi by Deimos-Remus
O is for Otoroshi
Name: Otoroshi, Odoroshi, Keippai
Area of Origin: Japan

The Otoroshi is a yokai from Japanese Mythology. With a name possibly derived from the word, Osoroshii, meaning "scary" the Otoroshi are large hunched monsters covered in a thick matted mane of hair, with protruding tusks and large claws. Despite their name and grotesque appearance, they aren't particularly dangerous unless provoked. The beasts sit upon the tops of Torii, the great gates at every shrine that separate the human world from that of the divine. They are said to be guardians of these shrines, and will crush and/or devour those that bring disrespect to an otherwise holy site and will eat intruders if they pass through. 
Hey guys, 

I will finally get back into submitting more regularly with the Mythology series soon, been super busy with school as my last day of college is tomorrow and I'm set to graduate in just two short weeks!

After that happens I can also finally start revealing more of the Neuromancer work I've been doing, as well as other work from this semester. 
  • Listening to: 60s pop and rock
  • Reading: Count Zero by William Gibson
  • Watching: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Playing: Shadowrun


Nathan Anderson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves good 80s films, reading European comics and collecting goofy action figures.

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IngramOfMichigan Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks so much for the fave! Loving the stuff you've been putting out recently!!
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No problem! I like your imagery a lot!
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Loving your mythology creatures!
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Thanks! Planning on printing a few books when I'm done with all of 'em!
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Thank you very much for the watch and fave! Your work is remarkable!
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No problem at all, and thanks again, much appreciated! Glad to see a fellow Michigan native on here!

Oh, have you registered by the way? Just curious to see if I know any of the professors you may have gotten. 
IngramOfMichigan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Student General Artist
I haven't registered yet, actually; I'm still waiting on the finalized information from FAFSA before I commit. However, I'm confident that it will be enough for me to go based on the estimate! I'll let you know when I sign up!
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Well, when you happen to register, all I wanted to say was that I highly recommend taking Elena Arnaoutova for Drawing I (first semester class) and II (second semester). She's super tough, but well worth it. Kicked my butt into high gear early, and she recognizes those that put in the hard work. The other foundation drawing professors are good too, but Elena is the most intense and helps you improve the quickest. 
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Ammotu Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
totally awesome gallery you have here :)
really like your style!
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, much appreciated!
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