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Birthday Boy Blam by Kriztian-Draws

I'm not really familiar with the fandom or anything related to Five Nights at Freddy's or its imitators, so this'll just be a crit of t...


Confused as to why Five Nights at Freddy's is so popular...
Z is for Ziphius by Deimos-Remus
Z is for Ziphius
Name: Ziphius, Water-Owl
Area of Origin: Medieval Europe

The Ziphius was a colossal sea beast whose face was vaguely reminiscent of an Owl's. With its name being derived from the Greek word for 'Swordfish', Xiphios, the creature had a large, sharp fin on its back that was said to pierce the hulls of ships. This is in addition to its powerful owl-like beak that could do just as much damage. Along with other bizarre monsters and leviathans, the Ziphius seems to have first appeared as an illustrative embellishment on a multitude of European maps, but nevertheless became a myth unto itself with sightings of the creature being reported around the globe. Though its size was likely to have been exaggerated, the monster has its roots in a real-world animal; Cuvier's Beaked Whale. While the Beaked Whale is much smaller and avoids ships, it is still a very frequently spotted whale and is the only member of the genus Ziphius, presumably named after the legendary creature. 
Y is for Yara-Ma-Yha-Who by Deimos-Remus
Y is for Yara-Ma-Yha-Who
Name: Yara-Ma-Yha-Who
Area of Origin: Australia 

The Yara-Ma-Yha-Who is a legendary Australian Aboriginal creature, and a variation of the common vampire. The creature is described as appearing like a red-skinned little man with an oversized head, possessing a large mouth with no teeth. Adorning its hands and feet are suckers like that of an octopus. The little monster does not hunt, but rather waits in fig trees until unsuspecting travelers rest under its canopy in the shade. The Yara-Ma-Yha-Who then jumps down from its tree and drains the victim's blood with its suckers, weakening their prey. It then consumes the person whole, and after consuming water and taking a nap, regurgitates the person, leaving him/her shorter than before and with a red tint to their skin.  If the same passerby happens to fall victim to more than one of these creatures, eventually he/she may turn into one of them themselves. Unlike traditional vampires, the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who only "hunts" during the day, and supposedly one can survive an encounter by "playing dead" until sunset, as it only feeds on what it perceives to be living. 

The design for this guy was inspired by Fetus-Man 's interpretation of the creature, which is awesome, so check it out!…
X is for Xing Tian by Deimos-Remus
X is for Xing Tian
Name: Xing Tian, Xingtian
Area of Origin: China

Xing Tian is a deity found in Chinese mythology. The story goes that the giant Xing Tian was originally a follower of Emperor Yan, also possibly known as Shennong, or the Emperor of the Five Grains. In Yan's defeat at the hands of the Yellow Emperor Huangdi at the Battle of Banquan, the legendary first battle in Chinese history, Xing Tian followed his master to exile in the south. Xing Tian later went with his axe and shield against the Yellow Emperor, forcing his way to the southern gate of the Celestial Court and issued a duel against his master's victor. The two engaged in close combat on Earth at ChangYang mountain. In a final attack, the Emperor distracted Xing Tian with a trick and lunged, decapitating the formidable giant, his head rolling all the way down to the base of the mountain. Instead of dying, Xing Tian was able to keep moving and began groping about for his lost head. The Emperor then struck the mountain, splitting it open as the giant's head rolled in, and closed it again. Xing Tian eventually gave up looking for his head and instead opted to use his nipples as his new eyes and his navel as his mouth, and continued to fight. The deity symbolizes the indomitable spirit which never surrenders and maintains the will to resist no matter the adversity one may encounter. 
W is for Wyvern by Deimos-Remus
W is for Wyvern
Name: Wyvern, Wivern
Area of Origin: Medieval Europe

Wyverns are legendary winged creatures with a name derived from the Middle English word, Reven, itself derived from the Old-French word, Wivre which comes from the Latin Vipera, meaning Viper, Adder or Asp. Wyverns are very similar to that of the traditional European Dragon, though they only possess two legs as opposed to the usual four. They are generally smaller than Dragons, and while just as ferocious, they lack the grace and intelligence that their superiors usually possess. Also unlike Dragons, Wyverns do not usually have the ability to speak, and cannot breathe fire. However, they are armed with dangerous barbed tails, are sometimes attributed to having a venomous bite, and are for whatever reason, often associated with cold weather. Wyverns are also typically evil in nature, whereas Dragons are more sentient and therefore capable of good. Wyverns are fairly commonplace in heraldry, and as dragons do, seem to represent strength and valor, though not much information on their symbolism has been recorded, as other variations seem to liken the creature to disease and pestilence. 
Hey guys, 

I will finally get back into submitting more regularly with the Mythology series soon, been super busy with school as my last day of college is tomorrow and I'm set to graduate in just two short weeks!

After that happens I can also finally start revealing more of the Neuromancer work I've been doing, as well as other work from this semester. 
  • Listening to: 60s pop and rock
  • Reading: Count Zero by William Gibson
  • Watching: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Playing: Shadowrun


Nathan Anderson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves good 80s films, reading European comics and collecting goofy action figures.

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