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Character Commissions + other info!
Serious inquiries only! Also, I don't accept points, but rather something tangible and useful like real money. Only putting this up so I can have it present at all times. Also, I'm totally not okay with Deviantart taking a share of what only belongs to me, so again, I do not accept points and I certainly charge more than 8000 points worth on average. Paypal preferable. 

Anyway, I'm knee-deep in the middle of some comic projects, book illustrations and more, but I'm always available for character pieces. Please contact me here or via email (deimosremus (at) for further details and questions. 

Also, and I'm not going to say this more than once: I DON'T DO REQUESTS OR FREE ART OF ANY KIND, so don't bother asking me for such things. 
Also, this isn't related to commission work, but if anyone would like to use any of my images on another site, blog, or even for use on a tattoo, please contact me first and ask for permission. 




LOZ Redux: The Triforce by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: The Triforce
The Triforce, as it has come to be known, is trio of ancient and magical stone-like triangular runes, created centuries ago by an alchemist whose name has been lost to time. As Hyrule's kingdom developed, these stones were discovered and have been used to protect the land, due to their powerful properties, consisting of the Triforce of Wisdom, The Triforce of Power, and an unknown Triforce that the people of Hyrule were never able to find. Made of an unknown substance, each Triforce is able to be fragmented and put back together by only the most skilled alchemists and wizards. Though they can grant their users mystical powers and be an aide, using a Triforce can be dangerous and unpredictable, and can corrupt even the most strong-willed of individuals; one of the reasons Hyrule has kept them locked up and guarded. 

Fearing a siege of her kingdom by the forces of an evil sorcerer known as Ganon, Hyrule's young matriarch Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom split into eight fragments, to be hidden across the realm for safekeeping. As Hyrule was attacked, Ganon's forces were able to procure the Triforce of Power, which has only corrupted Ganon and has made him stronger than ever before. It is during this attack that Princess Zelda secretly sent out her most trustworthy nursemaid Impa on her own mission; to find a hero capable of saving Hyrule. Upon hearing of this, Ganon imprisoned Zelda, and had a group of mercenaries pursue the old woman. 

After nearly being ambushed by Ganon's mercenaries, Impa was rescued by a young adventurer by the name of Link. Though very young, younger than the princess even, Impa was taken aback by the boy's courage and valor; her search for Hyrule's hero was over. 
LOZ Redux: Overworld by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Overworld
"In order to get ahold of the eight Triforce fragments, Link must first move around above ground and find an entrance to the underground labyrinths."

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The Overworld is the name given to Hyrule's countryside, littered with dense forests, vast lakes and rivers, harrowing mountain ranges and sprawling grasslands. The Overworld is an ancient place, scattered with an array of abandoned crypts and dungeons and sparsely inhabited by mankind, allowing forces of magic to thrive and dwell. However, Ganon's corruption has caused the lands to begin to decay and has severely weakened the myriad of spells and beings that once protected the land from such power. The mystical protective relic known as the Triforce has also been stolen, contributing to Hyrule's demise. Fairies have been driven out of their once lush and and beautiful forest homes, now reduced to stench-filled, rotting jungles with evil permeating from every tree. Lakes, rivers and ponds turn out tons of mysteriously dead fish, the dead rise from their slumber to roam the earth once more and worst of all, Ganon's army of beasts and demons have taken over the land, killing everything that gets in their way. Hyrule's Overworld has become a dark, dangerous and sinister place. One in desperate need of a hero. 
LOZ Redux: Lynel by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Lynel
Overworld Enemy #9: Lynel

"The guardian who attacks all those who come near Death Mountain. Watch out! He's pretty strong, and Link's little shield can't stop his sword."

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The Lynel is a formidable adversary, and is the strongest foe in Ganon's army on land. These feral, lion-man hybrids only inhabit Death Mountain, travel, hunt and attack in packs, and are extremely territorial...Too territorial perhaps, as they even tend to attack one another, which is especially true the higher one traverses the dreaded mountain, the corruptible forces of which can drive an individual to madness. It is in these higher altitudes that Lynels tend to be more sparse, acting as lone-wolves, diseased and changed by the evil air around them. With that comes more ferocity, berserker strength and unpredictability, making a run-in with a highland Lynel nearly impossible to survive. Every so often, a lowland pack of Lynels wanders into the highlands, of which a single highland Lynel would have no trouble tearing to shreds to protect its territory. Primarily attacking with old swords and other dully bladed weapons, it's the Lynel's size, speed and sheer amount of strength that make a fight even with a single one of these monsters an enormous challenge. 
LOZ Redux: Ghini by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Ghini
Overworld Enemy #8: Ghini

"The ghost who lives in the graveyard. There are two types. There are Ghinis who are there from the beginning of the game, and those who appear when Link touches the gravestones. Ghinis have about the same attacking force as Armos."

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

The Ghini are the undead souls of the cyclopic Armos warriors, slain either in battle or killed after being driven out of Hyrule, inhabiting the land's most ancient gravesites, most prevalently near Death Mountain. A multitude of these gravesites must be passed through in order to actually reach the upper levels of the famed mountain range and are considered by many to be its namesake. These ghosts are active during both night and day, but are more aggressive during the former, and despite being transparent, can inflict much physical damage. Each gravesite is controlled by a mastermind, and subduing it will drive the rest of the deathly horde away, granting temporary safe passage. Some say that if the evil Lord Ganon is slain and his powerful dark influence is eradicated, these warriors will finally be given the rest they've been longing for. 
Hey guys, 

I will finally get back into submitting more regularly with the Mythology series soon, been super busy with school as my last day of college is tomorrow and I'm set to graduate in just two short weeks!

After that happens I can also finally start revealing more of the Neuromancer work I've been doing, as well as other work from this semester. 
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Nathan J. Anderson
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Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves European comics, watching movies and collecting goofy action figures.

Always available for commission work:

deimosremus (at)

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Hey man just had to drop you a line. Been a fan for a real long time and I really appreciate how unique and well executed your work is. The current Zelda series is absolute magic as well. Keep it up man you are absolutely killing it.
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Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! 
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No problem Andy, glad to do them!
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