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Character Commissions + other info!
Serious inquiries only! Also, I don't accept points, but rather something tangible and useful like real money. Only putting this up so I can have it present at all times. Also, I'm totally not okay with Deviantart taking a share of what only belongs to me, so again, I do not accept points and I certainly charge more than 8000 points worth on average. Paypal preferable. 

Anyway, I'm knee-deep in the middle of some comic projects, book illustrations and more, but I'm always available for character pieces. Please contact me here or via email (deimosremus (at) for further details and questions. 

Also, and I'm not going to say this more than once: I DON'T DO REQUESTS OR FREE ART OF ANY KIND, so don't bother asking me for such things. 
Also, this isn't related to commission work, but if anyone would like to use any of my images on another site, blog, or even for use on a tattoo, please contact me first and ask for permission. 




LOZ Redux: Old Woman by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Old Woman
NPCs: Old Woman

When Link visited the old hermit, he had been given a note addressed to an herbal healer, in a language Link couldn't quite decipher. Traversing across an ancient bridge to the west, Link stumbled upon an old woman wandering in the nearby autumn colored landscape; she had a crown fashioned from twigs, and both the flora and fauna seemed drawn to her presence, and upon approaching, Link handed her the note from the old man. Just as Link was unaware of the Old Man's past as a beast-slayer, the elderly woman before him was actually the druid princess that appeared in his many tales. Hurt by the warrior's arrogance, the princess grew further and further away from her lover, seemingly destined to never speak to him again. The centuries passed by and this stayed true, the two went their separate ways and became recluses in their old age. On the note was a plea to aide Link in his quest to save the realm and to put aside their past for the future of Hyrule, followed by an apology, confessions of regret and loneliness, as well as a request for forgiveness. 
Even more girls
More casual lineart and anatomical studies of some ladies. NSFW warning for the presence of boobs and butts. 

Most of these have been finished for at least a month, been sitting on my computer for a while now, heh. 
LOZ Redux: Shopkeeper by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Shopkeeper
NPCs: Shopkeeper

Due to Hyrule's downfall, many of its inhabitants have gone into hiding, but others have taken advantage of the dire situation. In the Overworld's many caverns, a multitude of merchants have set up shop, away from the eyes of Ganon's forces, establishing a quite fertile and burgeoning market despite the chaos. With inventories consisting of food, and supplies the merchants are known to sell their goods at discount prices to account for the citizens lack of steady income. For the traveling adventurer, they also sell weapons and even the occasional rare treasure. Though they will buy and trade goods in addition, they also tend to drive a hard bargain and can be quite impatient. 
LOZ Redux: Old Man by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Old Man
NPCs: Old Man

When Link was entrusted with Hyrule's salvation, he was directed to pay an old friend of Impa's a visit. Living deep within the overworld's emerald-colored hills and forests was Impa's connection, a peculiar old man, a nameless, seemingly unimportant hermit. Upon Link's arrival, the hermit was found to have a strange and magical quality about him, something unexplainable to the young adventurer. Insisting that the world around him was to be dangerous, the old man bestowed onto Link an antique wooden sword, impeccably crafted and made from the impenetrable wood of Hyrule's densest trees. There was a caveat however, if Link were to return and prove himself worthy, the old man promised him another weapon in his possession, an ancient blade of ivory-white metal, said to once belong to a heroic warrior and beast-slayer of centuries past. The old man told Link tales of the warrior's many exploits; the killing of dragons, the discovery of treasure, an affair with a beautiful druid princess... As these tales were recanted, Link was unaware that the aforementioned warrior was the very man in his presence, one that self-exiled himself after feeling he was no longer needed as a hero. Upon leaving the hermit's forest cave, Link was given one last item, a note addressed to an elderly medicine woman, that much like the old man, was living as a nomad. 
LOZ Redux: Items by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Items
Link's Equipment: Items

Leaving on his quest with a rucksack filled with essentials, Link initially believed he was well-prepared for his heroic task. However, the underworld posed all new sets of challenges for the young adventurer, but also provided him with new solutions... As the underworld catacombs were built as shrines to the demon lords of old, boundless treasures await within. 

Food: Link hunts for food with his bow and arrow, giving him the necessary energy to keep up with his quest. Beef can be bought from merchants, often preserved, dried and salted. Link has found himself having to use his food as bait, to good results. 

Rucksack: Link carries an oversized rucksack with him where ever he goes, as it contains all the treasures he has collected during his travels, maps, bedding, as well as some of his smaller weapons, such as the boomerang and bombs.  

Raft:  Hyrule's waterways are too deep for a child of Link's size to traverse safely. To get around this problem, Link fashioned a small raft. As carrying a raft would prove to be cumbersome, when Link enters the different sections of the Underworld, he leaves the raft outside. 

Potion Bottle: An old druid befriended Link during his travels, bestowing upon him a ceramic bottle filled with an herbal medicine of her own recipe. The liquid has a pungent smell and taste, but acts very quickly. 

Rupees: The Rupee is the standard form of currency found in Hyrule, and are small hexagonal precious stones of varying worth. Though Link had never before relied on money, looting stashes of rupees found in the possession of Ganon's fallen forces allowed him to purchase anything he needed. 

Whistle: One of the first artifacts Link uncovers in the Underworld is an ancient magical whistle, found in a temple emblazoned with the image of a reptilian beast. It is said that this mystical instrument is able to whisk its user away to other parts of the land if a certain melody is played. Other melodies supposedly reveal secret entrances to the underworld. Differing arrangements of notes are inscribed on the whistles exterior surface. 

Enchanted Bracelet: After getting nearly ambushed by a lone Armos, Link found an old, brass bracelet where the giant had stood. Oxidized by time and weather, the metal band surged a torrent of power through Link's body, granting him strength he never thought possible. 

Candle Holder: Needing a way to see in the darkness, Link purchased a candle-holder from one of Hyrule's many merchants. Little did he (or the merchant) know, it was no ordinary object. As an accursed item, the flames it contains within can be used like a weapon, glowing an eerie blue color. 

Blue and Red Rings: A pair of rings said to once belong to a pair of evil twin sisters that dabbled in elemental witchcraft. Wearing them grants an increase in stamina and endurance. 

Magic Book:Found in a section of the underworld adorned with the face of a lion, this ancient, leather bound book was in a storeroom of treasures dedicated to a malicious dragon. Contained within are a multitude of spells and incantations, scribed in many dead languages.

Lion Key: Found in the same crypt as the book, this strange enchanted key is able to change its shape, fitting any lock it is put into. 
Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick update of what I have goin' on! 

Knocking out the Underworld entries slowly, but surely! I have just about the rest of the enemies figured out, and have been brainstorming on the bosses and whatnot. 

An asterisk (*) denotes that the character/creature has been (re)designed, where as an 'X' denotes that I've figured out the composition/layout. Bolded Entries are completed. 

UPDATE:: I will be working on the Patra tonight, hopefully finishing and submitting him later, capping off the basic enemies! The NPCs are mostly figured out, as are a good chunk of the bosses (really excited about Dodongo and Ganon particularly). Also added another piece in the NPC section. 

I'll be probably submitting them in the following order:
Keese + Vire
Zol + Gel  
Pols Voice
Patra *X
Link's Inventory
-Weapons *X
-Items *X
The Old Man
Shopkeeper *
The Old Woman
Faeries *
Ganon (The Sorcerer) *
After that, the Bosses will follow:
Dodongo *
Digdogger *
Gohma *
Ganon (The Beast) *
And finally, after them:
Link * X
Zelda *X
Overworld Map

So yeah, still lots of work to do, but I'm confident that I'll get 'em all done in given time. 
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Nathan J. Anderson
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Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves European comics, watching movies and collecting goofy action figures.

Always available for commission work:

deimosremus (at)

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I'm in love with your Zelda Redux art and I really like your style.
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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!
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'The Sin Twins' by Nathan Anderson by Trench-ADF

Another commission delivered in timely fashion, as usual.

Many thanks Nathan 
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No problem Andy!
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Dude... all your Zelda Redux art... you have earned yourself a watcher. If Nintendo commissioned you as the artist for a Zelda-based graphic novel series... all my money, man... all my freaking money.

I would LOVE to read your Zelda Redux interpretations on the original dungeons.
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! 

For the bosses, I will be describing their dungeons in a bit more detail, so stay tuned! :)
CargoOfDarkness Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, boy. I have to tell you I love your Legend Of Zelda artworks, they are so great, can´t wait for you to finish them all.

I am particulary interested in Ghoma, Digdogger and Manhandla! I loved these monsters! :D
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a ton, looking forward to revealing them all! 
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