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Frankenstein: Or the modern Prometheus cover by Deimos-Remus
Frankenstein: Or the modern Prometheus cover
Book cover illustration of Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. Read it late last year and it immediately became one of my all-time favorites. 

Around 4 hours of work with a Ball-point pen, on Illustration board. Colored digitally. 
N is for Nuckelavee by Deimos-Remus
N is for Nuckelavee
Name: Nuckelavee, Nuckalavee
Area or Origin: Orkney Islands, Scotland

The Nuckelavee is a horse-like demon from Orcadian mythology that combines equine and human elements. It is considered the most horrible demon in all of Scotland and the name Nuckelavee may be derived from a nickname for Satan, 'Old Nick'. The demon's foul breath could kill crops and sicken livestock, and it was held responsible for droughts and epidemics on land, despite it being primarily from the sea. It is said to have had two forms, the one that dwells in the sea has no consistent description, but its form on land, while it varies, has more consistency. Based on a supposed first-hand confrontation with the demon, it was described as looking like a horse with a rider on top, though the rider's torso was fused to the horse's back and possessed no legs of its own. The "rider's" arms were abnormally long and could reach the ground from where it sat. Its head could be as large as 3 feet wide, and due to its neck not being able to support its massive weight, would roll back and forth. Both the horse's face and the rider's had only one eye, said to burn like a red flame. A final and most gruesome detail was the fact that the Nuckelavee had no skin, and had yellow veins outside its muscle that would pump black blood throughout its body. The seemingly simple way to get rid of the Nuckelavee was to cross a freshwater stream, and it was kept in confinement during the summer months by The Mither o' the Sea, an ancient Orcadian divine the only one able to control it. 
M is for Manticore by Deimos-Remus
M is for Manticore
Name: Manticore, Martyaxwar, Martichora
Area of Origin: Persia

The Manticore or Martyaxwar (Man-Eater in Middle Persian) is a legendary beast, similar to a sphinx. The beast had the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth, akin to that of a shark, and the barbed tail of a scorpion. Some variations give it wings of some kind. It is also described as having a trumpet-like voice. The more common name, Manticore comes from the Greek translation of Martyaxwar as Martichora. Through false etymology, it was assumed that the name was a combination of 'Man' and 'Tiger' and gradually morphed into what it is called today. 
L is for Lamassu by Deimos-Remus
L is for Lamassu
Name: Lamassu, Shedu, Alad
Area of Origin: Ancient Mesopotamian cultures

The Lamassu, or less commonly referred to as Shedu or Alad, were ancient Assyrian and Sumerian protective deities, depicted with the body of a bull or lion, eagle's wings and a human head, usually male. They are celestial beings and were household protective spirits of the Babylonians, but were later associated as royal protectors, usually placed as sentinels at the entrances to palaces in the form of colossal sculptures. They may have influenced the look of Sphinxes and other chimeric creatures found in future civilizations. Recently, a large statue of one of these was found destroyed at a historical archeological site demolished by ISIS. 
Got tagged by my long time buddy, :icondarkchapel666: to answer 10 questions he came up with, so let's give it a shot!

Rules are:
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 people you tag
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

DarkChapel Asks:
1. Who are your artistic influences?
I have so many, but if I had to narrow it down to the essentials, I'd say Jean "Moebius" Giraud, Frank Frazetta, William Stout, Mark Schultz, Paul Gillon, Frank Cho, 90s CAPCOM, Gustave Doré, and of course, my Dad.

2. What was your greatest artistic achievement?
Not sure if I've had one of those yet! ;) 
There's been certain pieces that I've worked on that have been game-changers for me, pertaining to style or exposure, but I'm not sure if I'll ever create that one sole "Masterpiece."

3. What was your favorite artwork and why?
Favorite Artwork of mine? Currently, my Tron piece. I liked going a bit rougher and sketchier than usual. 

If this is for Favorite artwork of someone else's, hmm... Frazetta's Conan the Destroyer is one of them. Perfectly composed, excellent anatomy, posing, color, action, drama... Also, Rembrandt's Heads of Christ portraits. Saw them in person and was awestruck, the paint application and technical aspects were perfect, but the emotional range they displayed was phenomenal. 

4. What genre of music do you listen to when you work. And does it affect your workflow by any chance? Any other band/music recommendations are welcomed.
I have a varied taste, I listen to a lot of 80s music, some contemporary alternative stuff and an occasional bout of Classically styled music and soundtracks. I wouldn't say it totally affects my workflow, as I can work without music, but I definitely like having it on in the background.

Lately, I've been liking CHVRCHES, The Fratellis, MS MR, HAIM, and always listening to my favorites like Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Simon & Garfunkel.

5. What are your artistic guilty pleasures?
Not sure if this counts, as most artists like it, but I do enjoy drawing naked people. ;)

6. Is it just a me thing or do you also place cryptic and subliminal messages in your works. In my defense they serve as tiny uneditable watermarks, I guess, but go on with your explanation!
Sometimes when its appropriate, I may inject some subtle satire or commentary into a piece, but nothing too cryptic. 

7. What was the greatest lesson you've learned so far and when and how did this life changing moment happened? Did the angels ascended from the skies, Was it as magical as fuck?
Greatest lesson I've learned is just to actually work. Hard work can pay off, but you have to be willing to actually put in that work. I've always tried to do my best, but I think when College started is when I kicked it into gear, as I had some really tough professors my first semester. I've never had to worry about my grades or losing my scholarship, and my work ethic alone has gone noticed and appreciated throughout my department. Don't know if I had that magical moment, as working hard always felt like something I needed to do. 

8. I wish there weren't as many of these questions. I'm running of things to ask. Oh yeah, what was your favorite movie? It could be either animated or an actual movie-movie (with actors, actresses and stage designs and shit).
Definitely Alien (1979). Everything about it is perfect! Other favorites would be No Country for Old Men, Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Paths of Glory, The Big Lebowski, Back to the Future, Apocalypto, The Thing, The Fly... Next to art, which is my livelihood, film is my biggest hobby.

9. If you could bring back one dead artist (painter,poet,musician) in exchange for a currently alive one, who would it be and why?
That's a tough one. I'll cheat and give it a three-way tie between Frazetta, Moebius and Stanley Kubrick. Frazetta and Moebius, because I never had the opportunity to meet them, and their artwork will always continue to inspire. Then Kubrick because he was one of the only truly genius film-makers, would just love to see more films created by him.

10. Wasn't that fun? It sure as hell was because now it's your turn to tag someone else so THANK YOU, maybe?
Oh, I guess so.

My ten questions for those that are tagged:

1. What are your favorite books to read? Put down maybe a maximum of 5-10 books. 
2. Favorite character designs?
3. Top 5 favorite games?
4.Favorite piece of art from your favorite artist?
5. Favorite comics?
6. Top things that inspired you as a kid?
7. Least favorite style/trends in art?
8. Favorite filmmaker/director?
9. Dream job?
10. Is there an artist(s) that you used to like a lot, but don't anymore? Why?

I know it sounds like a copout, but I tag anyone who wants to go though with it! This goes for all watchers and visitors!
:iconzebes: :iconsilvre: :icondannycruz4: :icontimkelly: 
  • Listening to: CHVRCHES
  • Reading: Count Zero by William Gibson
  • Watching: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Playing: Halo trilogy


Nathan Anderson
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves good 80s films, reading European comics and collecting goofy action figures.

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I haven't registered yet, actually; I'm still waiting on the finalized information from FAFSA before I commit. However, I'm confident that it will be enough for me to go based on the estimate! I'll let you know when I sign up!
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Well, when you happen to register, all I wanted to say was that I highly recommend taking Elena Arnaoutova for Drawing I (first semester class) and II (second semester). She's super tough, but well worth it. Kicked my butt into high gear early, and she recognizes those that put in the hard work. The other foundation drawing professors are good too, but Elena is the most intense and helps you improve the quickest. 
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totally awesome gallery you have here :)
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