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Character Commissions + other info!
Serious inquiries only! Also, I don't accept points, but rather something tangible and useful like real money. Only putting this up so I can have it present at all times. Also, I'm totally not okay with Deviantart taking a share of what only belongs to me, so again, I do not accept points and I certainly charge more than 8000 points worth on average. Paypal preferable. 

Anyway, I'm knee-deep in the middle of some comic projects, book illustrations and more, but I'm always available for character pieces. Please contact me here or via email (deimosremus (at) for further details and questions. 

Also, and I'm not going to say this more than once: I DON'T DO REQUESTS OR FREE ART OF ANY KIND, so don't bother asking me for such things. 
Also, this isn't related to commission work, but if anyone would like to use any of my images on another site, blog, or even for use on a tattoo, please contact me first and ask for permission. 




LOZ Redux: Darknut by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Darknut
Underworld Enemy #10: Darknut

"The knight who lives in the labyrinths. He has lots of attacking power. He repels Link's attacks from the front with his shield."

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

Hyrule is home to many skilled warriors and soldiers employed to protect the kingdom and their sacred relic, the Triforce. When Ganon's forces invaded, a good deal of these men fled or were mercilessly slaughtered before they could do so. Among the top of Hyrule's royal military ranks are their heavily armed palace guards, meticulously trained in close combat with broadswords and shields. Ganon sought to corrupt these swordsmen and use them for his own purpose. With their lives spared, the guards were promised unfathomable riches and positions of high rank and power upon Ganon's seizure of the third and final Triforce. The guards initially resisted, but they were no match for the evil sorcerer's dark influence, and joined forces with their enemy. Though their distinct armor plating bears the royal insignia, these men were no longer recognizable as Hylian, their skin discolored and all semblance of humanity lost. As these unfortunate men were seen as traitors, they became despised by Hyrule's surviving populace and were given the derogative name 'Darknuts'. Patrolling the Underworld with iron fists, the Darknuts are perhaps Ganon's most formidable forces that wander the ancient labyrinths; smarter, stronger and more resilient than any beast. 
LOZ Redux: Moldorm by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Moldorm
Underworld Enemy #9: Moldorm

"The huge worm living in the labyrinths. It grows smaller as Link attacks. Not so strong."

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

Ganon's sorcerers had no trouble finding beasts and creatures in the labyrinths to use for their master's or their own dark purposes. One such creature found in abundance was the common earthworm. Using their skills of augmentation, the sorcerers were able to enlarge these ground-traveling insects to a gargantuan size, sometimes with body lengths of nearly 15 meters. Due to the worms' heavily increased mass, accommodations had to be made, and special rooms filled with tons of sand and dirt were constructed for them to travel and burrow in. These rooms gave the worms an environment perfectly suited for ambushing or feeding upon unsuspecting visitors. Though the organisms' bodies had grown exponentially, their intellect had not, remaining rather brainless and relatively docile creatures whose soft fleshy bodies were easily susceptible to damage.
Y'all need to check out the work of Dino Battaglia. Those genius Italians are so good.  
LOZ Redux: Rope by Deimos-Remus
LOZ Redux: Rope
Underworld Enemy #8: Rope

"A poisonous snake that has made the labyrinths its home. It senses other creatures quickly and suddenly comes after them (and Link for that matter!) once it has found them out. This one hasn't got a lot of attacking power."

-The Legend of Zelda manual

As the Underworld's caverns, rooms and cells are isolated, dark and cold, they contain the perfect conditions for a slew of natural beasts to dwell comfortably... particularly that of small rodents, insects and of course, reptiles. The largest of these beasts is the Rope, a rather hefty species of snake that is very territorial and hostile. However, the evil air in the Underworld has only made them that much more aggressive, and the long absence of light has made these snakes permanently blind. Their blindness is combated by an acute sense of hearing (amplified by their large hoods) and detection of even the most minute vibrations made by other creatures or intruders. Their hearing is matched by their staggering speed, often darting in a beeline toward their prey like that of a charging bull, only to ensnare their catch with their strong tendinous bodies; Suffocation from their deathgrip willy likely kill an opponent quicker than the fast-acting, highly toxic venom found in their teeth. One weakness however is that the Rope isn't a very strategic or smart creature and can often get confused at the presence of too many sounds in the vicinity, giving an attacker a window of opportunity to strike. 
Hey guys! Just wanted to give a quick update of what I have goin' on! 

Knocking out the Underworld entries slowly, but surely! I have just about the rest of the enemies figured out, and have been brainstorming on the bosses and whatnot. 

An asterisk (*) denotes that the character/creature has been (re)designed, where as an 'X' denotes that I've figured out the composition/layout. Bolded Entries are completed. 

UPDATE:: More entries are figured out compositionally (including some later bosses and characters), just need to start on the next entry's linework! 

I'll be probably submitting them in the following order:
Keese + Vire
Zol + Gel  
Moldorm *X
Darknut *
Bubble *X
Like-Like *
Pols Voice *
Ghibdo *
Wizzrobe *X
Lanmola *X
Following the remaining enemies, I'll be doing illustrations of:
Secret Passage
Link's Inventory
The Old Man
The Old Woman
After that, the Bosses will follow:
Digdogger *
Gohma *
Ganon *
And finally, after them:
Link *
Zelda *X

So yeah, still lots of work to do, but I'm confident that I'll get 'em all done in given time. 
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Nathan J. Anderson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Illustrator, designer and concept artist. Loves European comics, watching movies and collecting goofy action figures.

Always available for commission work:

deimosremus (at)

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eBook-ideal map, commissioned from Nathan.

Chosin Reservoir: by Nathan Anderson by Trench-ADF
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Another great commission from Nathan

Fae Werewolf Helm: By Nathan Anderson by Trench-ADF
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