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Deviantart is a business just like anything else. Jacking up the price is something they probably have to do in order to keep up with a...

I'm not really familiar with the fandom or anything related to Five Nights at Freddy's or its imitators, so this'll just be a crit of t...


Character Commissions + other info!
Serious inquiries only! Also, I don't accept points, but rather something tangible and useful like real money. Only putting this up so I can have it present at all times. Also, I'm totally not okay with Deviantart taking a share of what only belongs to me, so again, I do not accept points and I certainly charge more than 8000 points worth on average. Paypal preferable. 

Anyway, I'm knee-deep in the middle of some comic projects, book illustrations and more, but I'm always available for character pieces. Please contact me here or via email (deimosremus (at) for further details and questions. 

Also, and I'm not going to say this more than once: I DON'T DO REQUESTS OR FREE ART OF ANY KIND, so don't bother asking me for such things. 
Also, this isn't related to commission work, but if anyone would like to use any of my images on another site, blog, or even for use on a tattoo, please contact me first and ask for permission. 




DOOM: Hell Knights

UAC Log Archives D2-M13: Hell on Earth

Deimos was literally nowhere to be seen after the numerous attempts at contact yielded no results, as if it had never existed in the first place. UAC's attempts to locate the lost moon proved to be an exercise in futility, and baffled the research crew endlessly. A Lone Marine was said to have wiped out the demon population on Phobos single-handedly, and ventured into the Hell-Gate to find what had become of Deimos, eventually finding that the moon was suspended over Hell itself. Making contact with resistance forces on Earth, the Marine was told of a subsequent invasion, that the Earth itself had been overrun with Hell's legions of demons. Earth had never looked so different, desolate and destroyed, littered with artifacts and evidence of Demonic influence and transformation. Shortly after the Lone Marine's arrival on Earth, the resistance had left the planet in hopes of rebuilding mankind on another off-world colony. Earth would no go down without a fight however. 

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 005- Hell Knight 

Though former humans, Imps and Pinkies have been found to be relatively easy to dispatch with enough firepower, many demons proved to be a lot more durable and powerful. After Earth's invasion, a new breed of demons made themselves known. Called Hell Knights by Earth's resistance, these demons are particularly hefty and brutish. At around 10 feet tall, these formidable warriors use their goat-like legs for fast travel, despite their immense size. Akin to the imps, the Hell Knights have the ability to conjure fire, though this comes from a strange membrane embedded in their torsos; their flame has a bizarre scent to it, glows an otherworldly green and burns for much longer than "normal" fire. In close combat, Hell Knights fight with berserker strength and are unusually agile. Unlike other demon specimens found on Phobos and on Earth, the Hell Knights were found to have a lack of genitalia, as if bred for one purpose and one purpose only; to fight and destroy. 

DOOM: Cacodemons

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 004- Cacodemons

Though many of the demonic specimens that were collected were easy to spot, being grounded, large airborne creatures began to spring up on the Phobos base and were much more difficult to procure. The first of these seen were what the research team called the Cacodemons, a name derived from the greek kakodaímōn meaning "Evil Spirit". Cacodemons' anatomy acts like that of a hot air balloon, with an internal source of heat that makes the oxygen inside of the creature less dense than that outside of it. Because of their hollow bodies, Cacodemons are very light-weight and aerodynamic, though their skin is unusually resilient and thick. Adorned with a crown of thorn-like spikes and possessing a singular eye, Cacodemons tend to be seen in more open areas like that of foundries and outside of the base itself, slowly floating at their leisure. The Cacodemon's blue-colored insides reveal a uvula that can generate an intense amount of electricity, able to spew projectiles of suspended plasma at an opponent. 

Bestiary Teaser
Hey guys! Still plugging away at Doom (Cacodemon is well underway, as are the rest) but in case any of you have missed any of my journals, the next project immediately following Doom will be a round 2 of my Bestiary Alphabetum. All 26 entries are figured out, and sketches are done for about half of them. 

Stay tuned as I start revealing them in the near future!
DOOM: Pinky Demons

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 003- Pinky

Periodically sending research teams to the Phobos base for the purpose of collecting samples and specimens, the UAC's involvement in the demonic invasion bordered on obsessive. Any discovered demonic species was a gold-mine of scientific material to glean from, and one could surmise that those at the Mars research facility enjoyed their new project. Among the first non-humanoid creatures to be discovered on the base have been lovingly referred to as Pinkies, due to their salmon-colored skin. Tougher and larger than the imps, and possessing a pair of intimidating horns, the Pinkies are very aggressive and territorial. With characteristics not unlike that of a bull, Pinkies are known to often rush an attacker, using their hoofed back legs and exceptionally strong forearms to build up speed. Though not very bright, this strength coupled with their large hands makes one of these demons a deadly foe. Diving further into Hell's usage for these beasts, they have been likened to Hellhounds, a breed of deranged attack-dogs. 

UAC Log Archive 00E1-M6: Spectre Incident

A large pack of Pinkies were found to have gotten into a sealed laboratory on the base, stumbling into an experimental compact teleporter, slated to be for commercial use upon its completion. As the teleporter had yet to be tested, the Pinkies' molecular structure became scrambled, and were somehow turned transparent as a result. 

DOOM: Imps

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 002- Imp

As the UAC continued their research on the anomaly, signs of life became noticeable. Initially thought to be extraterrestrial in origin, it became clear that the gateway had completely unexplainable tendencies and was controversially labeled as a supernatural aberration. Newly christened as the Gates of Hell, the portal's power allowed other monstrosities to appear on Phobos. Perhaps the most often sighted of these beasts were the imps. Believed to be Hell's disposable foot-soldiers, Imps are roughly man-sized, highly athletic and quick-footed, covered in tough, calcified skin of varying colors and shades. Protruding from their bodies are strange, root-like structures, covered in thorny growths. The collection of a dead Imp specimen revealed that embedded in their hands were what appeared to be stigmata, from which an intense amount of heat could be generated. The root-like parts of the demon's bodies were found to store a sort of flammable liquid, which when directed to their palms, would be met with the conjuring of fire. Though generally considered among the weakest of Hell's forces, Imps are more intelligent than how they appear, often using vents and tight-spaces as a means of fast and undetected travel. 

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to give a quick update now that LOZ Redux has been wrapped up! 


So, I've officially started on the Doom finals. As it stands, all enemies are designed, (with the exception of Spider Mastermind's Body and the Icon) and poses are all figured out. Environment ideas are coming along well, with many nods to the classic games still intact. Note, the environments won't be as 'complete' or complex as the Zelda pieces. I'm planning on them being largely uncolored, more of an implied space rather than a full-fledged illustration. Zelda did take a lot out of me, and I'm excited to get onto my bestiary after Doom is finished (which I'm excited for as well of course). Wanting to get all the prep-work done this time so shooting through them can go a bit quicker!

Will be submitted the following order (most likely):

* One asterisk denotes that the character is designed and 2 ** indicates that the environment is also figured out. Bolded Entries are completed and submitted. 

Former Human trio (Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Heavy Weapon dude)
Pinky Demon

Hell Knight *
Arachnotron *
Pain Elemental & Lost Souls **
Revenant **
Mancubus *
Baron of Hell *
Arch-Vile *
Spider Mastermind
Cyberdemon *
Icon of Sin



The final list is nearly finished and entries are locked in aside from maybe the letter O. Any suggestions for O on this post are totally welcome! The list will not really ever be revealed in its entirety, as I want each letter to be somewhat of a surprise! ;)

Current contenders for O:


My concerns with the two above are that Owlman is kinda cool, but not really one with a lot of 'lore' or story behind it aside from its alleged sightings.

Ojancanu is also interesting, being the Cantabrian equivalent of Polyphemus. A very hairy wild cyclops. That said, the final list already has at least 2 cyclopic creatures on it already, that while very different, are still one-eyed.

I've got a good variety of country representation I think, though as expected Greece and Japan have the most amount of entries (a couple to 3 each). O seems to be a pretty uncommon letter for interesting beasts outside of Japan and Greece, but I'm leaning toward Orobas the most. 
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